One story about elite people dating and getting marriage

Both Mary and Tom are elite singles in Los Angeles. Mary is a famous ballerina, who always performs all around the world and gains a lot of fans. And Tom is the boss of a software company, there are about 50 employees in his company and it really earns much. They knew each other on MillionaireMatch by chance and started a sweat heart love story since then.
One day Tom dated Mary for a picnic near a lake, and he also invited a brand for such elite singles dating. They enjoyed the meal and listened to the melodious music, and next to them is the beautiful lake. What a pleasant life! “Why do you fall in love with me?” Mary asked Tom, ”God knows.” Tom replied with a smile, ”did you remember the first chatting one MillionaireMatch? ” “Yes, of course, I still remembered that I said you are the most interesting man I have ever seen.”Mary responded to Tom, and continued to say ”we talked about philosophy for a long time, and you always made me laugh.” “Perhaps that is the reason I fall in love with you, you are a girl who loves to laugh,” Tom said.
They walked around the lake after the meal. They talked about the outlook of life and breath the fresh air. Tom hold Mary’s hand, boarded a yacht which was standing by the lake.”We will enjoy ourselves on the yacht for a while” Tom said to Mary, “Where will you bring me?”Mary asked.”When we arrive, you will know.”Tom said.
The yacht was driven to the center of the lake, Mary and Tom were standing on the bow and enjoyed the scenery around. A few minutes later, Mary saw an island from a distance, and they were closer and closer to the island. The yacht arrived at the island, Mary and Tom got out of the yacht, and Mary saw something red on the beach. Tom hold her hand and went towards the pile of the red things. When they arrived the red things, Mary saw it clearly, it was a hollow heart shape piled with red roses, and the in center of the heart shape some crystal spell like that: Mary, will you marry me?! It was really a surprise, Mary was so glad to receive such a gift, and she felt her eyes went moist.
“You did this for me?”Mary asked,” Yes, when the first time we met each other on MillionaireMatch, I felt I will put the ring on your finger someday.”Tom replied happily.