Elite people get married is not easy

Elite marriage is always a hot issue for people. Nowadays, people began to discuss the marriage between Cherry and Justin. Cherry is the daughter of Nixon, who is the headmaster of Beck University in this city, and her mother is a famous actress. Cherry inherited two genes from her parents and became a vice president for a high technology company. Everything went well with her except for her personal life, but since she knew Justin on MillionaireMatch, the last plank of her life was gone. She fell in love with Justin quickly since the first chatting on MillionaireMatch.
Justin is a famous lawyer with excellent eloquence and who lived about 200 miles away from Cherry. His father is a lawyer too who married a doctor. He faced the same problem as Cherry, everything went well except for the personal life. But since he knew Cherry on MillionaireMatch, it got a change. After several times of chatting online, they began to makea elite singles dating. Both of them found each other polite, interesting, and renaissance so that they got along with each other very well.
After several months of dating, one day, Justin asked Cherry:” Will you marry me?” It is a surprise for Cherry, and Cherry looked so excited when she heard that, ”Yes, I do. But it is necessary for you to come to my home and said to my parents. As you know, my father is a tough person.”That is a problem,” Justin said with a smile,”but do not worry about that, I will handle with it.”
So Justin went to visit Cherry’s parents one day, Cherry’s mother had prepared a big meal for them, but Cherry’s father said he will have a test for Justin. Because of the excellent eloquence, Justin made Cherry’s parents pleasant, they kept in laughing. But after the meal, Cherry’s father invited Justin to play chess. Both of two are very smart, so they got sores is one to one, “if you can win me once again, I will agree with your marriage.” Cherry’s father said. “But if I win, you will not be glad, is that right?”Justin asked. “You are right. And perhaps I will go back on my words.”Cherry’s father showed a sly smile. Justin scratched his head, thought it over one minute, and said:”Will we make another rule which will make both of us glad?” “What is that?”Cherry’s father asked. “If I can lose once again, you will agree with the marriage between Cherry and me.” Heard of that, Cherry’s father was so glad that he agreed with the marriage.