A celebrity find his true love

As we know, dating for a celebrity is not easy. It will face too many issues like Tabloid reporter's pursuit, or moral constraint. And another key point for them is the time, they are always busy so that they can not have so much time on dating.
The famous actor Bruce is facing with the above dilemma. He did well in his career, which brought him money and honor but refers to his personal life, it was not satisfactory.
“Are you a homosexual?” “No, why did you ask me this question?” Bruce chatted with a new friend one day, and his friend seemed to be a little confused. “Then there are so many girls like you, why did you date with them?” his friend asked him and Bruce replied with a smile “How can I know they really love me or just want to share my honor, and who can make sure that they won’t make trouble for me?” “That is the reason.”His friend suddenly was enlightened, and went on to say ”Perhaps you can visit MillionaireMatch and find your perfect girl.” “What is that ?”It was Bruce' turn to ask. “A dating service website for elite single like you.”
So, when Bruce arrived home after chatting, he tried to visit MillionaireMatch. And he found there are many candidates for dating on MillionaireMatch. Bruce finished the register and chatted on it. For the personal purpose, he did not tell anyone he is the famous actor Bruce. He found he make the right decision quickly, he can have wonderful communication on spirit level with the women he chose. One girl shared the poem of Dante with him, and another one talked to him about the Louvre in France, and it seemed this girl was very accomplished in art.
Bruce passed a great time and made an appointment with some girls on next time. In this way, Bruce took advantage of some spare time for internet elite singles dating on MillionaireMatch, and each time he can harvest something new. Bruce loved this feeling of chatting online gradually, he loved the feeling of freedom and no constraint. In real life, he was really a successful man to the eye of the beholder, but only he knew how hard it was and countless rules bound him to cannot breathe. But in the online world, he can relax and talk to many girls by his interesting.
At present, Bruce has found a perfect spouse on MillionaireMatch, they had a big wedding last month. In an interview, Bruce said:” Thank you so much for the MillionaireMatch, which opened my heart and help me to find the true love.”