An elite couple has a luxury wedding

Kate and Jack will get married this weekend, and they invited all the relatives and friends to join their wedding. It will be a Luxury marriage, there will be a diamond ring, a wedding band, and a honeymoon around Europe. Kate is so excited for it, and Jack always says to his friends half in jest:” This wedding will cost all his saving in the first half of his life.”Whatever, the couple have never been happier in their life.
“How did you know each other?” One friend asked them. They stared at each other for a moment, and Kate said at finally:” We knew each other online with a website called MillionaireMatch. ” "What is that?”Another friend asked.”It is a dating service website and so many candidates on that website.” ”Both of you are so lucky.” Someone else said. ”In fact, so many people find their spouse on that website, even you just want to find some opposite-sex friends, you can also try on it.” Jack replied.
Then Jack began to talk about the love history between him and Kate. Before knowing Kate, Jack was lonely for about two years, he was not so happy about his personal life. One day, Jack met one of his classmates in senior middle school in a bar. It was a long time they did not see each other, and they are so happy to have the meet. Jack brought some beer for them, they were glad to share the stories that happened in these years while they were apart. “Are you married?”Jack asked his classmate, “Yes, a few months ago.” his classmate gave a response.”You are a lucky guy.”Jack said.”You are still lonely? Why did not you try to visit MillionaireMatch, I knew my wife on this website, it did work.” his classmate told Jack.
So Jack visited MillionaireMatch while he arrives home. “It is really great,” Jack thought, there were so many females with different interests, hobbies, and information on it. By coincidences, the first girl Jack talked to is Kate, and Jack found the girl on the internet is so interesting. After the first chatting with Kate, Jack found himself always want to talk to Kate again, this girl on the internet brought him some different feel. One week later, Jack asked Kate to have a date in real life, and Kate said yes to him. Unfortunately, there was heavy rain during their first elite singles dating time, so the dating was canceled. So they made a second appointment at another time. And unlucky again, Kate had arranged to receive a customer in temporarily in the company, the dating was called off again. They persevered and met each other in the third date, and found each other is the spouse that the other wants. Then they got engaged only one month after their first dating.